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Witches of Dathomir

Author - People's Champion

Looking at the options for blue villain from Spark of Hope, it was clear that the designers had three thoughts: First was that Maul would be really good with Niman Training and Mastery. Second was that they needed to create a lot of support for Reylo, giving us cards like Untamed Power. And third was that they really wanted to make the Witches of Dathomir a thing. And so a majority of the blue villain options were focused on the witches and what they could do. So in spirit of all the work Fantasy Flight put into making this theme, I thought it would be quite fun to put together a mono-blue witches deck, using as many of their thematic cards as possible while still trying to make them playable. 

The first thing to decide on was a team. Old Daka is the most interesting character on the team, so obviously she would feature as a centerpiece, being able to add more characters to your team. But that being the case, she will clearly be a priority target. I made the decision to not play her as elite because while you can get a second Nightsister Zombie with her ability, you will be putting all of your eggs in the fragile nine health basket.

After putting Old Daka on the team, I looked at our three other witch options in standard: Nightsister Zombie, Mother Talzin, and Luce. The first thing I did was determine that starting Nightsister Zombies would be problematic since once Old Daka gets eliminated they get set aside, significantly weakening your team. So I decided that both Mother Talzin and Luce would be partners in crime with Daka. My final decision to make was which of those two would be elite. I chose Luce, because while Talzin’s focus side will deal more damage in the long run than Luce’s indirect side, I figured that elite Luce would become your opponent’s second target after Old Daka, keeping Talzin’s very powerful ability online the whole game. 

Once I had the team I built the deck with every thematic card I could find. The only one I excluded was Dark Magick because it was an odd cost, and it is important in this build to have both Witch Magick, Nightsister Coven, and Mother Talzin’s ability always proc. So every single card in this deck is odd costed. 

Let’s start this review with the Curse downgrades. This deck brings all three new ones along with the battlefield Nightsister Lair. Nightsister Lair is important because every card in this deck has a cost, and you’re paying for Daka’s ability. So getting a return for each downgrade you play is important because it will help with your ramp in such an expensive deck.The curses themselves are important to have out since they allow your Nightsister Zombies to deal damage, and they big part of your overall game plan.

Possessed-This curse has an extremely high upside, being able to consistently resolve your opponent’s character dice as your own. And since this team is all Witches, there is never an instance where you have to discard this until you defeat the attached character. You probably want to play this on your final target so you get value all game.

Uncontrollable Rage-This curse goes on your priority target, forcing them to either activate immediately or take damage. And since it is damage dealing, it will eventually kill off its attached character, meaning you want your Zombies pinging this character too. Your other two curses are better put on less priority targets so that you can get as much value out of them as possible. 

Hex-This curse allows you to remove an opponent’s dice showing a blank. Mediocre generally, but it can be used every round of the game, massively increasing its value. Force Jump works really well here since you can blank their dice, then on your next turn remove it so they can’t focus or reroll it. And if you’re willing to play really risky you can use Talzin’s ability on your opponent’s deck to see if you can blank an important dice. 

Ancient Magicks- this card is not a curse, but is important in a curse deck. It allows you to untap a curse, getting a second use out of it in a round. Imagine being able to use Possessed on both of a character’s character dice. Or even being able to Hex two dice in a round. This can really make your Curses work for you. 

Damage Dealers:

Energy Bow-The Energy Bow is a solid one cost upgrade with two damage sides and a resource side. It’s not much to look at, but it can be a workhorse over several rounds. 

Nightsister Coven-This card is not very well known, but in an all odd deck can be quite powerful. Its ability is that when a character dice rolls a blank, you make look at the top card of a deck, and then if the cost is odd, you may deal one damage to the character that just rolled the blank. Having this card out, and Hex, can create the awesome combo of pinging a character for a damage and removing a dice, all for free because those two cards are in play.

Way of The Force-This may not be much of a damage dealer in itself, but it can provide damage across the game. You can use it to make Mother Talzin elite, which wouldn’t be half bad. But you can also use it to make Old Daka elite, which means she could bring out two Nightsister Zombies for the price of one.

Resource Generation:

It Binds All Things-In a mono-blue deck that has at least a few upgrades, this card can generate significant value if played early. 

Talisman of Resurrection-Two 2 resource sides on this make it a pretty solid play, especially since this deck is quite expensive without any zero cost cards. You most likely won’t be able to use the ability, but if you can, it could turn a game for you, allowing you to extend and get more rounds out of your curses and your Coven.


Force Jump-This card is value survivability, and, if your opponent doesn’t react fast enough, can allow you to proc Hex. 

At Odds-I never seem to be able to make this card work, somehow all of my opponent’s best sides are always 2s. But if you use it to remove a 3, or a 1 that is the base for modifiers, it can be of great value. And it is always solid as anti-mill tech.

Flank-Your plan is to have an army of Zombies at the ready, and with so many characters, it seems very likely you will have more ready than an opponent. 

Isolation-All of your characters are blue, so the only downside to this card is when you need to remove a non-character dice. 

Triple Threat-Triple Threat is pretty good on its own, giving you soft mitigation or control, sometimes even both. But it works really well with certain other cards. It can also blank a dice to allow you to Hex it. But it also rerolls character dice, meaning you can use the Energy Bow’s ability to reroll it as well. (Did you remember Energy Bow had an ability?) And if you reroll an opponent’s dice into a blank it can allow you to use the Nightsister Coven too.

Weave the Ichor-This is there to keep weak Old Daka alive. While she is alive you should have three witches to spot, meaning you can get the full heal. But even if you are only able to heal two damage later in the game on either Talzin or Luce, that is on par healing. In only falls off when you are down to one character left.

Witch Magick-The oldie but goodie, Witch Magick. Since this deck is 100% odd you will heal for three 100% of the time, giving you great value out of this card, and hopefully keeping Daka and her Zombies alive for longer.

The goal of this deck is to survive as long as possible and to deal ping damage to your opponent, slaying them with a thousand little cuts. It is somewhat reminiscent of the TACOs deck in that way, but a whole lot more thematic.


One of the changes I am considering making to this deck are to replace Old Daka with two Nightsister Zombies. They are better without her around because you can’t kill them by killing her. And they also have the subtype witch, which means they will continue to proc their ability until you are down to one. If I did that, I would replace Way of the Force with a second Energy Bow. And I would be willing to play the upgrades on the Zombies since they will probably be the last target of your opponent.

Is this deck good? Certainly not. But then again, when I built this deck, I didn’t plan to build a good deck, I planned to build the best version of this thematic deck as I could, and to do homage to FFG’s design team’s efforts for creating this theme for us. If you want to play something fun and thematic, then this might be it. But don’t take this to Worlds unless you’re there for the laughs. At the very least, this deck will give you the opportunity to play those Talisman of Resurrections that you drew and can’t play anywhere else. 

Author- People’s Champion

Thanks for reading!