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The Criminal Duo

Author - People’s Champion

Theme decks are interesting in Destiny. Prior to Convergence, there was very little support for them, but with the advent of subtypes and cards that empower them, theme decks became a lot more interesting, and the obvious pairings that are being created by FFG actually have some viability. Because even though Maul-Vengeful One and Savage Opress were meant to go together, they just aren't good enough to make it work. But with all of the cards relating to bounty hunters, and supporting bounty play, the obvious pairing of 4-LOM and Zuckuss might actually work. And so I wanted to build a deck, and give them a spin to see what I could make of the theme.

I want to start with the characters, since I feel they are unfamiliar enough to warrant that. 4-LOM is the powerhouse of the team, coming in at fifteen points for his elite version, with twelve health, having two 2 range sides, two 1 disrupt sides, a resource and a blank. His ability reads, "After a bounty you control is discarded you may add it to your hand." Zuckuss is thirteen points for his elite version, with ten health and a, 1 range, 2 range, 1 disrupt, 1 discard, and a special that reads, "Gain 1 resource or trigger the 'After attached character is defeated' ability on a bounty you control and discard it." The important theme between the two characters is being able to use bounties early with Zuckuss and then play them again with 4-LOM. So a deck like this begs the question of how to use bounties to give us an advantage over our opponent.

Most bounties give a resource advantage. Wanted and Enticing Reward both can easily give you a two resource swing, while Dead or Alive gives you more and more advantage the longer the game goes. Death Mark will give you a hand full of cards that you can then spend all of your money on. But money doesn't win you games, nor do cards, but rather the effective use of those things, and so the deck building is important.

But before we get into our damage, there are a couple key pieces to this strategy that aren't in the deck itself: the battlefield and the plot. I was tempted to bring the thematic Jabba's Palace as the battlefield, but Nightsister Lair has a comparable upside, and a much lower chance of your opponent finding it useful, not to mention that it can give you a round one resource advantage. Every round you play a bounty the first one gives you a resource, which is big because even if you don't draw one of your eight bounties, odds are you can get one back in your hand with Zuckuss's special and 4-LOM's ability, and then you have a bounty to play. The second is Perilous Escapade. This plot fits exactly in the two point slot you have left, and is incredible when you have such a high chance of playing a bounty every round. That means you get a ping damage every round, which can really chip away at an opponent. Both of these are very good for helping you advance your win condition and increase your damage narrative.

On to the cards......

Damage Dealers:

Donderbus Blaster Pistol-Until you can get your bounties rolling, this is the upgrade that is good to play as it's cheap with decent damage. Really it’s the only upgrade that you want to play without having triggered either Enticing Reward or Wanted. It's worth playing on your opponent's primary target since it has redeploy and you can overwrite it for a bigger card later.

Gauntlet Rockets-Since your goal is to load up your opponent's characters with bounties, you can actually use the action on this to turn it from the 1 range to a 2 or 3 range side, removing the variance that this card has. It's a great play off of Enticing Reward.

Pulse Cannon-This card is often considered a baby Vader's Fist since it can resolve multiple times. But it is also pricey, not just because it costs three resources, but also because it has 50% pay sides. Good thing all of your bounties can make you incredibly rich, with a well-timed Zuckuss special on Wanted giving you up to three resources.

Vibrocutlass-Playing this for free off of Enticing Reward is incredibly powerful, since it can deal up to four damage. And since both characters are yellow you don't have to pay for the pay sides. Redeploy is just icing.

Mist Hunter-This is a theme card, but the possibility of resolving the 3 for 1 range without mitigation upon activating a character is powerful. Other than the 3 for 1 and the 2 range sides the dice is pretty mediocre, but it also only costs two to play.

Punishing One-Less thematic, but getting a reset on defeating characters with bounties is pretty nice, especially when you get to turn that into damage on the next character. It may be wise to replace this with another Mist Hunter or Vibrocutlass, but I will let you make that call.


Dead or Alive-The best bounty in the game is not the best bounty in this deck, oddly enough. Dead or Alive is still very strong, giving you a resource per turn, being one of the few bounties that gives you an active reward rather than an on-defeat one. There is almost no reason to use Zuckuss's ability on this, unless you need it to trigger both your battlefield and your plot, and even then that's a lot of steps for a net value of one indirect.

Death Mark-This is great because it's free, and can trigger both your plot and battlefield, netting you one resource and one indirect. It is also good for adding to the total number of bounties on an opponent's character for your Gauntlet Rockets. The three cards are situationally nice, but probably not the best bang for your buck.

Enticing Reward-This very well might be the best bounty in the deck. It’s certainly the one you want to see in your opening hand, given that you can use Zuckuss to trigger it and get a big weapon down early, and then retrieve it with 4-LOM for a second big weapon later. And because it can pull a card from your discard pile, feel free to pitch your Pulse Cannon for a reroll and then play it for free with this. 

Wanted-If Enticing Reward is your best bounty, Wanted is your bread and butter. It will trigger your battlefield and your plot, both for free. And it gives you two resources either by defeating a character or by using Zuckuss’s ability. And that money goes a long way toward either hard playing a big upgrade or paying for its pay sides. 

Aggression: Hunt them Down-Given that your strategy is all about loading characters up with bounties, you can eventually use this to pay one resource, use one card, and deal three damage, which is above curve.


Doubt-Free and decent, especially against modifiers or pay sides that can’t be afforded. 

Electroshock-Both characters are yellow, removing the spot restriction concern. Thus Electroshock is always online, and great targeted removal. 

Entangle-Again, in mono yellow you never have to worry about the spot restriction. And being able to remove two dice is very powerful. 

Near Miss-This works nicely early game, but once one of your characters goes down, so does the card, which is why I have it only as a one of. 

Prey Upon-With how many bounties you want to play you shouldn’t have trouble removing any dice except for support dice. 

Shakedown-Between four character dice you have a total of six sides with a disrupt, not to mention most other dice you will play have a disrupt. And once you have a disrupt in the pool this becomes a free Electroshock, which is incredible value. 

One card I don’t have in here that you might want to consider is Bounty Hunters Guild, which makes your bounty cap higher, and can give greater value to cards like Hunt them Down and Gauntlet Rockets, not to mention that defeating a character with four upgrades would give you a lot of resources and/or cards to work with moving forward. 

And that’s the idea of the deck, start triggering bounties so that you can make your mid game look like a late game with huge weapons and lots of money. Surprise your opponent by coming back from behind on a kill and suddenly becoming an incredible force to be reckoned with.

Now I want to say that this deck is thematic in its pairing, not strong. If you are looking for stronger options, IG-88 is really good with bounties, and Dengar can get his ping damage from bounties. But the best will be Boba Fett, who can turn bounties into more dice for more damage. My dream scenario with him being defeating a character to trigger Enticing Reward to play a Pulse Cannon for free, then rolling the Pulse Cannon dice into the pool with his ability......But that’s a conversation for another day. 😏

Today, 4-LOM and Zuckuss, the criminal duo are striking again, taking down bounties, and, hopefully, living up to their fearsome names. 

Thanks for reading!

Author - People’s Champion