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Oh Cool Tripticon

Its about time we started sharing our Transformers TCG decks! Especially because new waves are being introduced and released, and its only getting better.

Below I will discuss one of my more powerful decks, and what cards I use, and my strategy behind the way I play it.

Disclaimer: I know that many will disagree with my card decisions, however, tested and tried this list has been against many difficult challenging opponents. I can say, it might/will only get better now that Wave 3 is released.

The deck itself: MetroFlex

Metroplex (Slammer, Six Gun, Scamper)

x1 Press the Advantage

x1 Brainstorm

x2 Reckless Charge

x2 Surprise Attack

x3 Roll Out

x3 Peace Through Tyranny

x3 Improvised Shield

x3 Grenade Launcher

x3 Supercharge

x3 Ramming Speed

x3 Power Punch

x3 Handheld Blaster

x3 Height Advantage

x3 Marksmanship

x3 Leap into Battle

x3 Energon Axe

x3 Rapid Conversion

x3 Force Field

"Wait! 48 cards?! You're insane!" "Statistics blah blah blah" "40 is better, lower it."

This is what I hear a lot when I show my deck. yes I know 40 cards is ideal to draw back the cards you need. Yes I agree that the math behind the 40 card deck is beneficial. But after several games, and testing, I have concluded my own analysis that having the cards I want in this particular deck, was more important than the amount of cards.

MetroFlex with the above works wonderfully. I play a different strategy when I run him. My goal is to keep him alive as long as possible. (Well duh! he has 35 health!) What I mean by mentioning this, is that MetroFlex uses his minions (Slammer, Six Gun, Scamper) to eat damage, and attacks, while not counting on them to dish out much damage. So in essence, MetroFlex does not like going first. He wants to eat some damage while he is in City mode, with that tad bit extra natural defense, and then he wants to flip, and play 1 card (preferable a force field) before eating the rest of the attacks that are incoming.

I've tested him out against certain match-ups by not flipping him when I have to go first, and it led to a slower build up for his minions to come out and die, which only inflicted more damage than necessary on him before next turn. This is not preferred. In the end, if we must go first, we will most likely always flip MetroFlex to maximum his damage output, and ensure he is pooping (yes pooping) out a minion next round.

"The minions add bonuses to MetroFlex when they are still alive, but you said let them die?!"

Yes, the off chance that they survive and help juice up the big boy is great! But the way I play isn't banking on them to help, more or less, letting them essentially be his force field. Imagine you're going against an intense Aggro like Optimus Prime BL. He's built up, has weapons, and his actions make him hit for 12+ damage. Slammer don't care. Slammer don't give a ****! He'll be the best Drone in the city, and take all 12+ damage, die from 3, and let the remaining 9 fly away like dust in the wind, dude! (Bill and Ted reference)

Let me talk about the order of the minions pooping out. I like to go Slammer, Six-Gun, and then Scamper. If you have watched any of our videos, I always call Scamper 'The Finisher'. If/when MetroFlex himself goes down, I normally have at least Scamper out there, and he has finished off my opponents in ways that don't make sense.

1. Slammer: He goes first, mostly because of his 1 damage to all enemy characters, and his natural 3 defense. Slammer is an easy target for my opponent, however, like I've said before, he can take it. The beauty of Slammer is that if he does survive, it almost guarantees me the win. because then that means, they will either again waste another attack on him to finish him off, or attack MetroFlex. But the next turn, I get another cannon fodder shield drone! Slammer is great for the free damage early on, and for his tiny amount of bulk.

2. Six-Gun: He is the middle child in my order. He has more health than the other 2, but weaker defense. He hits less on Alt mode, but has the strongest attack in Bot mode. He has abilities on each side for MetroFlex. he is my all around jack of all Trade

3. Scamper (The Finisher): As stated before, the minions here act as shields for MetroFlex, therefore they stack wonderfully if they all survive to get them all out. If i get all 3 out, without them dying, it's an almost guaranteed win. Scamper has those slight abilities to help MetroFlex out in the ending turns. So even if MetroFlex goes down here, it' late game, and Scamper just needs to get some sort of Pierce added on, and its game over.

Overall, This is one of my favorite decks to play. It's fun, its powerful, it has a very cool mechanic behind it, and its a giant size card! (Yes Combiners are bigger...)

Side Note: I hope we get Tripticon in the future! :)

Thanks for reading!

-David (Game Chief)