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Author - People’s Champion

Now that worlds has ended, and now that I am done with my Prime, I have begun mulling over different, off meta, but fun options for things to play. One that has come to mind is the overlooked Captain Phasma-Ruthless Tactician errata, which dropped her from a 10/14 character back down to her original 9/13. Everyone was excited about being able to run her with Kylo Ren-Tormented One again, and that may show up in the future here.

But I want to talk about a different blue character looking for partners: Maul-Skilled Duelist. I wrote an article a while back enumerating all of the different partners you could run with Maul, and Phasma didn’t even make the list. She was just not powerful enough to warrant her at 10 points. But she has been balanced, and now, at 9 points, you can play elite Maul, single die Phasma, and Retribution, and that is a force to be reckoned with. 

Maul-At this point Everyone knows what to expect from Maul, he is a big scary character that can lay down a bunch of damage with his power action, and live long enough for your secondary character to become a threat that can close out the game. You don’t want too many upgrades on him since you don’t want to lose the investment, but there are a couple that are really good, too good to pass up, but you want to play them judiciously, and really you want to max out at one, maybe two, upgrades on him at one time.

Phasma-If you want a game closer, Phasma’s your girl. Her special can become three damage onto an injured character, which is unprecedentedly high for a 9 point character. She has 10 health, which makes her pretty beefy, and all of her dice sides are useful. You will want to give her a lot of upgrades so that she can close out games once Maul is eliminated. 

Retribution-This card is why the point drop on Phasma was so significant. All three character dice are threats, and therefore have the highest probability of being targeted by your opponents removal. Retribution means that you’re still getting value out of them, and pushing damage. 


Captain Phasma’s Blaster-This is your big damage option on Captain Phasma. It has four ranged sides, and can easily push damage. And if for some reason your opponent targets Phasma first you have redeploy to keep your resource investment. 

Count Dooku’s Lightsaber-This is an early play that you want to overwrite for a redeploy card. Essentially it is here for ramp and to give you that damage ping when you play it on Maul. 

Dagger of Mortis-A redeploy weapon for Maul, giving you some more damage and aggression, potentially stealing a shield from Reylo, and helping you close the game once it moves to Phasma. 

Heirloom Lightsaber-This falls in the same category as Dagger of Mortis, being a redeploy weapon that can help you close the game. It has a 1 melee side compared to the Dagger's 2, but the 3 melee is not a modifier. And it trades the shield stealing capabilities for non-uniqueness, meaning you can play both it and the Dagger.

Maul’s Lightsaber-This is a risky play because you could lose the investment. But being able to use Maul’s power action on his lightsaber, then bring it back in with its own power action and get even more damage is just too good of a prospect to not include this card. 

Recovered Sith Lightsaber-This is in the same category as Dooku’s Lightsaber: it’s an early game play that you use for its on-play ability, then you overwrite it for one of your bigger, redeploy weapons. 

Conscript Squad-This is simply a value play. With their ability to activate when Phasma does, they essentially become one-cost upgrades that don’t take up a slot you want to fill with a weapon. That way they give Phasma even more ability to close out the game on her own. 


Niman Mastery-I absolutely love this card, and the idea of being able to special chain into Phasma’s special is so much fun. Unfortunately you can’t play it on her, and so it falls into the same category as do Dooku’s and the Recovered, being overwritten for a redeploy.

Conflicted-While this isn’t pure aggression, since it can give you shields, Maul isn’t that conflicted, he knows he wants to deal damage, so when you use this on his dice you have a two thirds chance of getting the two damage plus whatever you can get out of his dice. 

Fear and Dead Men-Your goal is to have as many characters well damaged as possible so that Phasma can hit them with her special for three, and end the game. Using Fear and Dead Men on a three will certainly push that damage high, especially if you can use Maul’s power action in the same round.

Tactical Mastery-This gives you a tempo advantage, letting you possibly get an extra use out of a nearly dead Maul, or get to resolve your dice without having them mitigated, or any number of things. And since we plan to have Phasma alive for the whole game we should always be able to spot a red character. 

Resource Generation:

Logistics-Turning a one resource side into a two is pretty solid. The drawback of this card is that you have to use one of your dice to make it playable. If you wanted to bring Fresh Supplies instead, banking on having the battlefield, that’s a solid secondary option. 


Separatist Embargo-Being able to hit that card that’ll really slow your roll, like an Easy Pickings, or that card that’ll make your opponent a beast to deal with, like Vader’s Fist, is a pretty good value. But it requires that you know what your opponent might be running, so there’s an inherent risk here. 

Counterintelligence-Given the few dice you have, this can allow you to protect them, especially in critical circumstances where you really need the damage. Or it can allow you to snip the tech an opponent has to help slow them down. Probe is an alternative to this, it really depends on what you want. I personally like Counterintelligence because it's not random, and you get hand knowledge.


Riot Shield-Playing this on Phasma means you can block three damage, which is incredible value. Especially as the game goes on and you need to keep her alive. 

A Sinister Peace-Sometimes you just need to remove a big dice, and spending two cards to do so is what you have to do. 

Doubt-While not the best, it’s also free, and circumstantially you can use it to throw off your opponent’s plans, especially after they focus. 

Forsaken-Having one dice in your pool is actually pretty easy. Phasma is non-elite, or you can wait until you’ve resolved Maul’s power action and have one of his dice left. 

Hidden Motive-A lot more dice have consistent sides these days, so Hidden Motive can usually get you fifty percent or greater odds of removing a dice. 

The Best Defense...-Phasma is your endgame plan, so you don’t want to over damage her, but one of these can give you an extra round with Maul, which could be a significant advantage. And remember, you can block the damage from this with Riot Shield, which if you ask me, is a pretty sweet combo. 

To be honest, I have no idea how this stacks up compared with the Mandalorian Super Commando versions of the deck, which is popular right now. The Mandalorian has that ping damage, but I would take the resource and focus sides over the shields, and the Phasma special is so much better than the 1 melee side. That being said, the real question is which color is better suited to support Maul: yellow or red? There are definitely arguments for either side, but ultimately, that is a decision you will have to make. But if you’re interested in trying something fun, I think that this should definitely fit squarely in that category.

Thanks for reading!

Author - People’s Champion