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Fett Daddy/Witch Mommy/FOST

Author- People’s Champion

When I saw Jango Fett-Armed to the Teeth, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with him: I wanted to play him with a blue character and run Fatal Blow, hopefully with Lightsaber Mastery so that I could have it ready whenever I needed a kill. Unfortunately, my blue 14 point options were rather limited, with Old Daka and Savage Opress being the only choices in standard, and neither of them really seeming like good partners for Jango. At least not a deck centered on Jango, since there is an Old Daka/Jango combo deck floating around right now. But I wanted something more straightforward. Snoke, Dooku, and Anakin were possibilities, but either their damage output was too low or their health was. And if I went over 14 points, then I couldn’t use Lightsaber Mastery. I spent a lot of time floundering around for partners for Jango, and I have a lot of decks I want to try, (Snoke, Asajj, and Tarkin all come to mind) but when I considered the three wide possibilities, one deck made me excited about the potential, and that was Jango Fett elite, with Mother Talzin and a First Order Stormtrooper.

Neither Mother Talzin nor the Stormtrooper have been particularly overpowered characters, but rather they have been solid. They are low cost, decent health, decent dice sides, and Talzin has an ability that is powerful enough to be of value while restrictive enough that it doesn’t require a nerf. Both of these characters have been low cost additions that always feel good to have, and with Jango, he has a rainbow pairing to work with. So with this in mind I built the following deck:

If you notice, there are only six even cards in this deck, but each of them gives insane value when played on Jango. The rest are all odd, meaning Mother Talzin’s ability, Witch Magick, and Rift Valley will get good value over the course of the game.


All of these cards can be played on Jango and don’t take up an upgrade slot, and if they’re the first equipment played on him in a round you can get a resource refunded to you, making most of these essentially free to play. 

Armor Plating-This is free if you play it on Jango as the first equipment in the round, and it doesn’t take up an upgrade slot. Even if you are playing it on Talzin or the Stormtrooper it is standard value defense, blocking two damage for one resource and one card. If you’re not in the danger of dying and not afraid of unblockable damage, keep this upgrade on Jango so that both Bacta Therapy and Fatal Blow have higher values. 

Bounty Hunter Mask-This is a card you want to see one or two of round one. It is free, and can give you a resource when you play it on Jango. The health is nice too, especially since it doesn’t take a slot on Jango. Giving a character the bounty hunter subtype will only be useful if you have gauntlet rockets and Jango is dead or almost dead. It is one of the even cost cards in our deck, but it gives good value since it can give you a resource and other benefits. 

Gauntlet Rockets-These were made for Jango. They’re one of the few high damage equipment cards in the game currently, and they have huge damage, can get you a refund on Jango, and don’t take up a slot. Great for ramping him into being a damage machine. 

Mandalorian Vambraces-This is an odd card, and it very rarely sees play. It has no blanks but six sides that each have 1, a melee, range, discard, disrupt, shield, and resource. Each side provides you with some low value, and they’re all base with no blanks. The reason these are really good in this deck is because Jango can get a refund on them, and they can up his upgrade count. 

Riot Shield-Everything that was said about the Armor Plating can be said about the Riot Shield. But if you are facing a lot of indirect or if Jango dies, you can play the Riot Shield on the Stormtrooper and block three damage instead of two, which gives this card a slight edge.

Non-Equipment Damage:

Pulse Cannon-This card is extremely powerful, if you have the resources to pay for it. It isn’t equipment, so I would avoid playing it on Jango since he will be your opponent’s first target. My suggestions would be to play it on Talzin. The Stormtrooper can be taken out quickly, especially when you use The Best Defense... and so Talzin is the perfect spot. And you can use her ability to fix the dice to its non pay 2 range so that your power action starts off on the right foot.

Fickle Mercenaries-These are an odd cost value play. The dice is incredible for one cost, and while your opponent can take them from you, that is actually rather rare. If your opponent looks like they might, though, roll them out first so that they can only take an exhausted support. 

Vader’s Fist-It’s odd, it’s powerful, and it can close out games. If you have the money to play it, do so, and win yourself another game. 

Fatal Blow-This is another even cost card, but can be a huge damage swing when played on Jango. It is very easy to stack upgrades on Jango with his ability, and he has 50% base damage sides on his dice. It should be pretty simple and straightforward to play this for some huge burst damage. 

Resource Generation:

Dead or Alive-If you play this on a ready character it will almost immediately return its value. And if you play it on your final target it’ll give you a resource every round of the game. 


Bacta Therapy-With Jango stacking upgrades, and being the most probable target, including this makes a lot of sense, even if it isn’t an odd cost. The potential to heal five damage for two resources and keep your primary character in the game for longer is too good. 

Flank-With three characters, it is easy enough to leave the Stormtrooper ready until you need to use this card. 

Isolation-The plan is to have Talzin be your last remaining character, so you shouldn’t have trouble keeping this live throughout the whole game. 

The Best Defense...-Your Stormtrooper is there as a meat shield who can occasionally give you a resource or damage. The Best Defense... can make him truly shine in his role, especially if he can remove two high value dice with it. 

Witch Magick-With so many odd costed cards in this deck, you will likely be able to heal for three damage with this, which is well above curve. Keeping your important characters alive for longer makes this a great play. 


Rift Valley-Since your deck has a majority of odd costed cards, this battlefield will most likely give you the opportunity to remove a dice saving you some damage. 

One of the important things to remember about this deck is that it's a Mother Talzin deck, which means it's going to be pricey to play. Luckily Jango has two resource sides. Do not be afraid to take the money. The other thing to remember is to play your equipment on Jango early and take the rebate. Most often it will give you a free upgrade, but in the case of the bounty hunter mask, it will give you an extra resource to pay for all of your expensive cards. Be sure to plot out your turn so that you know what cards you need money for. And be aware that you have some pay sides, Jango's 2 for 1 resources, the Stormtrooper's 2 for 1 range, Fickle Mercenaries' 3 for 1 range, The Pulse Cannon, and Vader's Fist all cost money. Be conservative with your money and take the resources when your dice give them to you.

Another thing to be aware of is that a lot of the mitigation in this deck has to do with preventing or healing damage. Armor Plating and Riot Shield block damage while Bacta Therapy and Witch Magick heal damage. That leaves very little actual dice removal, but given that you can block/heal up to twenty-six damage, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. And if you are playing against mill, you’ll hardly use your mitigation anyway.

For your starting hand, you want to have at least one equipment for Jango to get his ramp going since arming him to the teeth is your game plan. I would want at least one copy of Dead or Alive to start the resource train, and you get the most out of them when they are played round one. You want one piece of dice removal mitigation since it is helpful early to keep your opponent from doing too much round one. And finally, you want a damage card to start building your board state. The Pulse Cannon and the Fist might be a bit too much early, but Fickle Mercenaries would be great considering it is cheap and has great value. You will want to make sure you have one cheap equipment and one Dead or Alive in your opening hand at least, if you don’t have both, hard mulligan for them. My perfect opening hand would have one Bounty Hunters Mask, two Dead or Alives, a Fickle Mercenaries, and a piece of mitigation.

The overall theme of this deck is to build Jango up and make him a threat and primary target, protecting him as long as possible, possibly going for a Fatal Blow, while sneakily and steadily building up your board state otherwise, being prepared to close out games with Talzin armed with a pair of Pulse Cannons, supported by Vader’s Fist and a couple of Fickle Mercenaries.

I am really excited about what this deck can bring to the table, but more than that, I am excited about exploring the design space this new set brings. Keep trying stuff out, and have fun exploring the possibilities that Spark of Hope brings!

Author- People’s Champion

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