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Captain Phasma/Marauder

Author- People’s Champion

One of the unique interactions with the new Captain Phasma-Stormtrooper Commander, is that the First Order Stormtrooper dice she rolls into the pool count as character dice, as do the First Order Stormtrooper dice that are rolled in off of Megablaster Troopers. This sets up all sorts of unique interactions, where you can add more character dice to your pool than just what your characters actually bring. That idea gives certain cards a little extra pop when you are looking at putting them in your deck. While Retribution is the one many people jump to, usually people pair Phasma with the Sentinel Messenger. And who can blame them when that means you can play Vader’s Fist and resolve that four indirect for one money as melee, and hopefully see a Fear and Dead Men off of it. But I wanted to see what I could do when I’m flooding the pool with other dice, namely character dice. And that led to Vandalize.

Vandalize is one of those cards that if you’re running yellow you usually throw it in cause you will probably find some use for it, especially if you need to get a zero cost card off the table. But Vandalize is inherently limited by how you build your team. The Billionaires deck--bringing elite Jar-Jar, elite Satine, and elite Lor San Tekka for a six dice start--has the most potential from the beginning of the game. But seven damage onto Jar-Jar and now your Planetary Bombardment is safe. Phasma, however, has a five character dice start with her power action, and can easily add more once she gets her Megablaster Troopers into play. Thus the biggest, and most sustainable, Vandalize option.

Now we are left looking for a yellow partner. As I mentioned, Retribution is rather powerful on Phasma, so if possible, we are looking for an eight point character, and as it happens, Convergence gave us just that in Enfys Nest’s Marauder. This fellow costs only eight points, has four damage sides (once you include the indirect from resolving pay sides), has nine health, is neutral, and provides you with the option of bringing a hero card in your deck. And while in a deck with many ranged sides his modified two melee seems like a liability, Captain Phasma turns all of your trooper dice showing damage into melee damage. So while she is alive, that modifier is no problem.

So here is our deck:


Theed Royal Palace-Theed is no longer in its heyday, following its nerf, but it still has potential. Getting that resource off of it is very helpful if you have a dice to burn, and this deck comes with plenty of dice to spare. It is easy enough to burn a Stormtrooper blank or 2 for 1 you can’t afford. But one of the benefits of having Enfys Nest’s Marauder is that you have a neutral to spot, so you get the extra action as well. This means that you can power action Theed, remove a blank to claim a second resource, then Pulverize immediately for big and surprising damage.

Damage Dealers

Darksaber-This may not be the best card to bring, but this deck needs more cards with some carry potential, and when you pull it off, it’s a lot of fun. Play it on Phasma you get the +2 bonus, which means you can resolve it for big sides. My favorites are the four focus and the three resource. Resolving the three resource can make it almost pay for itself immediately. And redeploy makes it continue to hold some value after Phasma goes down.

Conscript Squad-One cost with pretty good value sides. And having the trooper subtype means you can resolve for melee with Phasma and it can proc other Trooper based cards like Measure for Measure. 

Megablaster Troopers-High value dices, and it gives you the ability to roll in two more Stormtrooper dice if you spot a leader. And don’t forget that you can resolve the Megablaster three indirect as a three melee, making it direct.

Resource Generation

Tech Team-This deck has a good number of supports in it, so Tech Team can give you value within two rounds. And using your first Teach Team to play the second can give you value too, especially if all you have to play is a Conscript Squad.

Logistics-All of your First Order Stormtrooper dice have a resource side, giving you plenty of opportunities to use this card. Add to that that your Phasma and Marauder character dice also have resource sides, you should never want for a side you can resolve on this.

Rendezvous-The Marauder has 50% sides with resource costs, so this card has a really good chance of being useful. And when you resolve the Marauder’s dice showing a cost you deal an indirect. Which means that you can get one, or two melee, or two resources for free, and an indirect.


Moxie-This is our hero card provided by the Marauder. It may be better to run an Easy Pickings, or other hero card with more stable value, but the potential to play Moxie and get to use Phasma’s power action a second time to roll in two more Stormtrooper dice is too delicious an opportunity to pass up. 

Imperial Officer-The Imperial officer is here for two reasons: first to keep your Megablaster Troopers' third dice live throughout the game, even after Phasma goes down, and second to flip your Trooper dice to good sides, because, let’s be honest, they’re Stormtroopers. They miss. A lot. 

Free for All-This can provide surprise damage, given that you will have a lot of dice in your pool, and a lot of unresolvable dice in your pool. Once you have that many dice down, you can easily throw down five damage when your opponent is waiting for you to reroll. This is a really good game closer that can come out of nowhere.

Pulverize-You have a lot of dice with a lot of damage dice. This can kill a character when your opponent thinks they have time. 


Vandalize-A big reason to run this deck. You will have the opportunity to remove a large number of cards from the start of the game, and once you get Megablaster Troopers or Moxie down, nothing is safe. 


Riot Shield-Phasma will be your opponent’s first target. Riot Shield will give  her essentially three extra health, which can save a game. 

Doubt-Risky, but great for blowing out dice with modifiers. 

Entangle-Since Phasma should be the first target, spotting a yellow character should not be a problem. And removing two dice is a big value. 

Indifferent-Your Marauder, being neutral, can allow you to remove ANY dice, without other restriction.

Measure for Measure-Removing a Stormtrooper or Conscript Squad blank to remove your opponent’s best dice is great value. 

Rancorous-The play restriction on this card is generally difficult to meet, since it has to have a character dice showing a blank. But with all of the First Order Stormtrooper dice and their double blanks, you actually have a good chance to turning this on. 

Rout-With all of the dice you are flooding the pool with, removing two dice with this is not inconceivable. Three is a bit of a long shot, but I would love to see it happen.

There are two ways you can play this deck, and you will probably want to use both in the same game. The first is to aggressively load the pool with dice, and gun someone down with and overwhelming wave of Stormtroopers. Unfortunately, because Phasma is known for doing this, she has single handedly caused Dodge to become a meta card again, so that your opponent can wipe your board once you get all of your ranged damage out. Because of this, the second way to play is methodically, especially if your opponent is holding resources and refusing to claim. They may be waiting for the best Dodge they can get, especially since they can remove all of your dice and take only one damage. So the way to play around that is to resolve damage as soon as you see it. Power action Phasma and get a 2 range and a blank, resolve your range before rolling anything else in. If you play that way, your opponent’s mass removal will have a minimal effect on you. That being said, some of the cards in this deck do want you to play big, cards like Rout, Pulverize, and Vandalize. That is why you have to read your opponent and play around them. If they are playing cautiously, slow it down so they can’t remove too much. If your opponent is playing with abandon and spending money left and right, feel free to try and play fast and hit big.

One other note about this deck, is that while Phasma is alive, all dice in it can be resolved as melee. Either the dice is showing melee already, as with the Marauder or the Darksaber, or is a trooper, as with the Megablaster Troopers or Conscript Squad. So if you are in a round where you are getting all of your dice out, you can resolve all of your damage in one action. And it means that you can cross modifiers, resolving the Marauder’s +2 melee on a Stormtrooper 1 range, or the Conscript Squad’s +1 range on the Darksaber’s 5 melee. It gives you action efficiency and lowers the risks when bringing modifiers. And always remember Retribution. Your opponent will want to remove your dice. And when they do, you can immediately deal them damage. They won't want to electroshock your 2 range on your Stormtrooper dice because they're only saving themselves one damage.

All said and done, this deck is not tournament tier. This is more of a deck to bring to a local casual game night, to play for fun, and to see what sort of shenanigans you can pull off. And at the very least, I hope the image of Captain Phasma wielding the Darksaber can put a smile on your face. 

Thanks for reading!

Author - People’s Champion